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*~04-12-03~* Hmm! No updates for awhile! There's really nothing new to add tomy site so my desperate upkeep of it is rather like prolonging the agony of abandoning it (which I will NOT do! I may not add lots of neato stuff but I will not give up on it!). It's just that I'm busy building another website and drawing a soon-to-be webcomic (which is really tough because I'm drawing it in installments rather than page-by-page... so rather than finishing one page a week, I'm trying desperately to do four or five a week and it seems more like work than play at this point!). Ah well. HP2 on DVD! I only own like two or three other DVDs, but I bought the HP & da COS DVD yesterday when it came out! Yay! Too bad Snape isn't a central character in it (unlike HP1 where he was a suspect!)... But that scene where he yells at Harry is all worth the $20. **sighs dreamily** Oh, Professor Snape! Someday we shall be together, I know it! **bursts out laughing**

*~3-19-03~* I finally saw all of Amadeus, and let me just say.... YAAAAHHHH!!!! That midgety music man (no, not Andrew Lloyd-Webber!) was a total prat who had THE MOST ANNOYING LAUGH IN ALL OF HISTORY! Imagine the Naga laugh and multiply that by ten... THOUSAND! That sound will haunt me to my grave, I'm sure. Damn, I wish Salieri would have quitbeing passive-agressive and just BOP HIM ON THE HEAD! *ahem* Anyway, when you're a geek like I am, you've gotta laugh when Mozart and Schikaneder are partying to "Das klinget so herrlich" (Oh yeah! Die Zauberflote dance fever!). And playing Bach backwards while being held upside down?!

~3-15-04~ After a tough and very ridiculous eBay showdown, I finally won a cool Die Zauberflote CD! I'd been watching it for days and days, and a bunch of nerdy-come-latelys decided to jack up the price $10 more (for practically no reason! Actually my mum won it for me),as they were big spendin' Fraisers and Nileses who could have easily bought it at the music store! Anyway, as my victory dance, the front page art will now be my depictions of The Slayers in Die Zauberflote! Because, hey, why not? (I just gotta finish the first drawing)

~3-10-03~ Hmm, I'mgoin' thru a Fushigi Yugi phase right now. In all these internet quizzes, the FY bishonen I always get is usually Tasuki, but I'm also frequently matched with Nuriko! Lemmee tell ya something, there are only two words in the English language that would ever get me and Nuriko together: Shotgun wedding.

*~3-3-03~* Eep! No updates for awhile, I've been a-workin' on a new site, one about ...oh lord... Yu-Gi-Oh! Thankfully, I can now put some of my fanart on here, because I now have... A SCANNER! If anyone wants to do a relay comic or something, that'd be great! I am DinosaurRyuzaki's pimp & there is nothing u can do about it! Nyahahaha!

*~2-18-03~* Colonial House sounded like something that'd be fun, but the polls are closed!I care not, though... Not like I'd actually get picked, plus,I thought it'd be all teacakes and mandolins but it's more of a pilgrim-ish thing where you actually have to work, and you prolly spend most of the time looking like Baldrick from Blackadder 3. Hmm, too bad... I look so good in those powdered wigs andhigh heels! ^_^ (lol)


Roses are red,

Zelgadis is blue,

I'd rather be dead

Than to ever pitch woo.


*~2-11-03~* I'm going to establish a fanart/fanfiction portion to my site so please contribute! I guess that is all. Have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow.


*~2-8-03~* If anyone wants to send fanart, now is the time! Also, has anybody noticed that Yugi (Moto, not Yami-Yugi)on Yu-Gi-Oh has gone from literal midget to...er... non-midget? What the hell happened? Did Yami use his magic to make Yugi taller so he could finally not look like a punked-out Oompa Loompa or what?

Yugi: Yay! Now I can finally be the chick magnet I've always wanted to be!

Jonouchi/Joey: Yeah right. I'm the real mack daddy of Domino City. Where's my money, bee-otch?!

Mai: Listen mister just because I dress like a ho and you buy a felt pimp hat doesn't mean anything.

***Old Updates (Just because they're funny)***

*~1-14-02~* My site's looking a lot better! Yay! Hey, everyone, you gotta see "Lord of the Rings"! It's the best movie ever! That Legolas was whippin' arrows like nobody's bidness! And you gotta love those hobbits. No matter how many times I've seen it (and will see it again) I'll never get tired of it!

*~1-18-02~* GOD I LOVE THAT MOVIE!

*~1-23-02~* All my pics are cluttering up the sight! Arrgh! Gotta make it neater. Anyways, did you know the guys who played Merry and Pippin (in "The Lord of the Rings") are a duo now? They're writing a comedy act! Hee hee. (Oh, wait, this is a Xellos site, gotta remind myself of that...)

*~1-26-02~* Hey, anyone here like The Strokes? I got ter see their concert on Thurs. and it was good! I even got everyone's autograph and I got to hug Julian! Hee hee. Also, I want to ask everyone something; In the city I live in (...himitsu desu, so don't ask.) there's a plague of black bugs flying around. They look like spiders with wings! They fill the air and splat marks of them are all over the concrete! It's gross, they crawl all over you and everything. Please tell me if this is happening in your town! I wanna make sure it's just this one and not a worldwide invasion of uberbugs from beyond the moon. ...No, I am not paranoid! *looks around with shifty eyes*

*~1-28-02~*HAPPY BIRTHDAY K-CHAN AND ELIJAH!!! YES! It is your Webmistress Kili-chan's birthday (Go Aquarius!)! And not only is it my birthday, it's also the birthday of my favorate, ultra-kawaii star in my (new!) favorate movie... "Lord of the Rings"! Yep! Elijah Wood and I share the same birthday! So happy birthday to me and Elijah! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! ...and Nick Carter shares our birthday too. Dammit!

*~1-30-02~* Okie, the bugs are gone! They were here for weeks and weeks but they all just dissappeared after my b-day! Behold! I am the Lord of the Flies! Nyahahahaha! *gets bonked on the head by SD Kili*

*~2-3-02~* My site seems to be going belly-up! Eeek! Nobody from the general public has been here yet, and I'm getting worried. Oh well. Soon I hope I'll be joining a webring or two. I finally saw the Harry Potter movie! Oh man! I really think the book was better. Snape (my favorate character, btw) was really different from how I imagined him (older than I imagined, for one thing). Rather uncouth Snape, if you ask me.Also...Why did he dress like a depressed Shakespeare ? And his hair! It was a good 2 or 3 inches too short, and not at all greasy! His hair was clean and fluffy! I want my money back! (heh heh) (P.S. Slytherin Rocks)

*~2-6-02~* Wow!!! I was just admitted into my first webring! Go to the links and see! (I love you guys!!)Also, I think I'll keep this as the background. Going back to "Funky Purple" means altering damn near everything, so it'll be like this for awhile

*~2-14-02~* Could it be that Valentine's Day is nigh upon us? I only want one thing on that special day... A mop so I can clean up the puke all over the carpet. I would like to keep up the true Mazoku spirit in saying that LOVE BITES!!!!!

*~2-18-02~* Today's update... ANIPIKE SUX SMEG! I've tried to put my site on theirs SO MUCH but they ignore me! So there ya have it; They refuse to put COOL, ORIGINAL and completely ROCKIN' sites on their little community, yet they will put the same MUSHY, NAUSEATING, MARSHMELLOW HEADED Zel/Amelia Xel/Amelia Lina/Xel Xel/Filia Lina/Zel barfcrap you've seen a billion times before on their list. >:p

*~2-24-02~* I changed the cutie Dimsum counter to a wafffle one! I dunno... I couldn't for the life of me read that dimsum counter. Maybe I'll put it back once I figure it out, but for now... How d'ya like me waffles?

*~3-1-02~* Yeah I know I don't have updates on anything revelant to the site... No news on stuff about Slayers or anything, but, well, how can I? Slayers has come and gone, so if you expect to hear news about it I don't have any. But, er, who does have news or updates? That's why I use this section to just ramble on about whatever I want, if you were wondering.

*~3-7-02~* I'm quickly running out of cool stuff to put on my website, so I may give it a rest for awhile... I'm not abandoning it! Don't fret, it's just that it's gonna take a little nap now, or as the elves would say, "bobies"*. (ha ha ha) *It is an unconfirmed Elvish saying; I heard it in a quote from a magazine, so if it's wrong don't rag on me about it! :P

*~3-9-02~* When I said the site'd be taking a nap, I meant substance-wise, because I really have nothing to add! I can still do the stupid updates, but that's pretty much it. Bah! pocket-bishonen.com is still down, so I can't even do that! RRRrr! Maybe I should just steal some off some poor rube's site and pretend like I took the tests (hey, it works!).

*~3-11-02~* Are these updates becoming a bit to frequent, or is it just me? Am I just filling up space and time? What is time? And what of space? Who am I? Am I you? (gets slapped by Babbit from "Kodocha") Hey, alright, back to normal. But what is normal?...

*~3-15-02~*I hate you, Mandy Moore! Please die and go to hell in a very quick handbasket. By my RED writing you can probably gather my RENEWED rage for Mandy! "Candy" my ass! I'm gonna send all my minions after you, Moore! My scary flying gloves, my Snapping Turks, the tall guys that drop green cherries on people to shut them the hell up...Wahahahaha! Try to music yer way outta THAT, bee-otch! **scary Blue Meanie laugh**

*~3-18-02~* Ohh special birthday shout-out to Sara Rommyu! Go Rommy! Omedetou gozaimasu! Happy 16th! (Yeah, been there, done that, except Sara will probably be getting a car and I'm still riding the bus! Ah hah hah ehh... () ) Also, sure it's a little late, but... *grabs a green beer* Happy St. Pattie's Day! Heh heh. Oh, except for you lousy poseurs who wish they were Irish... >;P

*~3-21-02~* Good news! I'm about to embark on a new endeavor... an LOTR fansite! Okay, not really, just a fansite to Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood... Er, anyway, it's good news because soon you won't have to hear me ramble on and on about it anymore! Hurray! More Xellos time!

*~4-5-02~* Oh nooo! There won't be any updates for awhile, m'kay? So have patience. Anyways, am I seeing things or did they already pick the new M&M color? I saw a purple ones in a vending machine a few days ago! (Yes, it even had the logo on it!) Am I seeing future echos, or is the whole election pointless? You make the call.

*~5-25-02~* Lord allmighty! Two months since my last update! Don't worry, XGOS is still alive and kicking! Oh yeah, my bad. They were just trying out those M&M's. Feh. Oh yeah, no one's been sending ANYTHING so I've decided to abolish the fanstuff sections. Cobwebs have been growing there, people! So bad you'd hafta sing the Spider Taunting Song (you know which one I'm talking about!) Except those spiders were put in the octopus casserole you're eating right now! Oops, did I say that out loud?

*~10-5-02~* Hey hey! Sorry no updates for awhile... But... Doth mine eyes decieve me? has my counter already hit one thousand? Yay! People are actually factually coming here! Thank you all! Also, can you believe FOX cancelled the best show in the world... Mon Colle Knights? That thing was hilarious! I loved Prince Eccentro! How can they do this to me!? Had I watched more, I'd probably make a site about him too! And MCK was choc full of anime spoofs... Cardcaptor Sakura, and all sorts of stuff!

Bruce Campbell is Mmm-mmm good!*~10-8-02~* Riddle me this; Who is the god of the modern B-movie? Who can get drenched in 15 different kinds of liquids and still be able to kill demons with nothing but a sawed-off shotgun and a chainsaw? And who can do all this while making clever one-liners the whole time? The answer to all three is... Bruce Campbell! Yeah! I got to actually meet him yesterday at a book signing! Imasa-chan, Jupie, a friend of ours, and I waited in line two hours but It was worth it! And he's just like Ash in real life (except not as much of a jerk)! I always hear about fangirls going to anime conventions and meeting Brad Swaile or Hikaru Midorikawasa, but I met freakin' Ash! He still looks the same as in Army of Darkness only slightly older. He was so funny too! He told us we had "Fancy-ass names"... *EEEee*! We were badmouthed by Bruce Campbell! (I wanted to give him a hug but they'd probably tase me or something) As we said goodbye, I cried, "You're my hero!" (I'm not sure, but I think he laughed. A few people did! ^_^) And I swore never to wash the hand I shook his hand with again (Yes, I shook his right hand! The nonexistent hand! The chainsaw hand! Eeeek!). It's so great! He signed our video and wrote "Shop smart!" on it. (Hee hee! If you're an Evil Dead fan you'll get it ^-^) Anyways, my dream came true! I met Ash! My hero! No, my king! Hail to the king, baby!

*10-27-02~* I finally understand why all you "subbies" prefer subtitled anime to dubbed. I watched the first like 15 episodes of The Vision of Escaflowne in Japanese w/ subtitles and it is now my new favorate anime! It's gorgeous! Then, I watched the dub and was dissapointed ;_; . I just didn't think it measured up to the original. But still... That's no excuse to hate dubs! Just some are better than others...

*~10-10-02~* I've added a new feature! Every once in awhile I'll ask a question in the guestbook for everyone to answer, so if you can't think of anything to wright when you sign the guestbook, answering my special guestbook question should help! So read my entries in the guestbook for details! Yay! Have fun!

* ~11-20-02~* I strongly urge everyone on planet Earth to go see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was the first movie I've gone to where I was almost on the floor laughing (Note: Only hardcore fans will be on the floor laughing in a pile of spilled soda and old gum)! Gilderoy Lockhart (Note: Rrrow!) is hilarious, as is everybody's favorate disenchanted potions master, Professor Snape (Note: Double rrrow! Ha ha j/k). So if ya wanna see him finally get his magic on, please do!

*~12-30-02~* Party like it's 1999! You know what's sad...they cancelled MD's, a really great dramedy show with Scottish cutie guy John Hannah (Jonathan from The Mummy movies),and Dinotopia, which was so bad it was good for a larf (the miniseries was better!). Anyway, there's no new stuff at the site unless you wanna look around at new little tidbits on every other page and link buttons. Have fun!

*~12-16-02~* Whew! No new things for a long time! Can you believe the site is almost a year old? Well, I suppose there's worse things than being a geezer site.... I could always be killed... or worse, expelled.... **nods to lefthand corner of page**

*~1-6-03~* Blah. I also resent the cancellation of Greg the Bunny. It was like a way WAY tamer Meet the Feebles (Note: sure Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson directed it, but I warn you to never, ever, EVER see it! Some of it's funny, but I warn you the only one in all of creation to see it and not scream, squirm, gasp or throw up would be Xellos. Seriously!). Anyways, I added an award u can win! Go to the pics section (the Octopus Buffet).

*~1-22-03~* Question: Did anybody besides me dress up as one of the characters in LOTR when they went to go see it in the theatres? Even on opening day, Jupie and I were the only ones en costume... yes, yours truly dressed as... Merry! Ha! Not every girl wants to be Arwen (or Ar-wench, as Jupie would say), some of us are weirdos who want to wear short pants and curl our hair and say things like "Bucklebury Ferry!". I couldn't believe all the preppy jerkazoids in the long theatre lines... Where was the common nerd?

*~2-1-03~* It's 2:46 AM, and I've been listening to hours and hours of Mozart's Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute). If that doesn't spell insanity, I don't know what does. I do know that... Der Vogelfanger bin ich ja!

[Later...] Yeah, and when I gathered all the laundry, I had to wear whatever didn't need to be washed, which was a long coat thing and some capri pants, which just happened to make me look like an 18th century guy who got dressed in the dark. I'm going crazy Amadeus style! Freakazoids, please report to the dance floor!!!

*~2-4-03~* Yahaha! **Fruity Team Rocket laugh** sorry about changing the headliner pic from Zelgadis to something totally Slayers unrelated, but I couldn't help myself! I mean, geeze,Frodo and Sam, get a room!

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