The Pepe Romero Guitar Festival - Málaga 2023: A Celebration of Musical Mastery (2023)


Welcome to the Pepe Romero Guitar Festival - Málaga 2023, an unparalleled celebration of musical excellence in the heart of Southern Europe. In a city known for cultural landmarks like the Pompidou, Thyssen, and the Picasso Museum, Málaga stands as a testament to artistic richness. At the forefront of this cultural legacy is the Romero family, with Maestro Pepe Romero, born in Málaga in 1944, emerging as one of the greatest guitarists in history.

The Romero Legacy: A Musical Journey

The Romero family's musical journey began in the challenging post-war years, prompting Celedonio Romero, Pepe's father, to seek artistic opportunities in the United States. The family's ascent to fame was swift, captivating audiences at Carnegie Hall within months of their arrival. The Romero Quartet, comprising Celedonio and his sons Celín, Ángel, and Pepe, became known as "The Royal Family of the Guitar."

Pepe Romero: A Virtuoso's Evolution

Pepe Romero, a prodigy who debuted at the age of 7, embarked on a solo career that garnered international acclaim. Signing a record deal with Mercury Philips at 15, Pepe's unique talent attracted composers like Joaquín Rodrigo and Federico Moreno-Torroba. Rodrigo composed his final piece, "Concierto para una fiesta," exclusively for Pepe in 1982, solidifying his status as a guitar virtuoso.

Accolades and Recognition

The accolades for Pepe Romero are a testament to his mastery, with honors from royalty, heads of state, and prestigious institutions worldwide. Recognitions include performances at the White House and the Vatican, honorary doctorates, and awards from numerous festivals and cities globally.

The Romero Family's Dedication to Málaga

Despite their international success, the Romeros remained dedicated to their roots. Málaga, a city that witnessed their humble beginnings, is now one of Spain's cultural hubs. Pepe Romero's contributions extend beyond being a premier guitarist; he is a living legend alongside figures like Tárrega, Sor, and Llobet.

The European Guitar Foundation's Mission

The European Guitar Foundation, a Spanish private foundation, is committed to promoting Spanish guitar internationally. As Pepe Romero stated, the guitar is Spain's voice globally. The foundation, akin to the Guitar Foundation of America, proudly presents the Pepe Romero Guitar Festival - Málaga, an annual homage to the city's illustrious sons.

Celebrating Málaga's Musical Heritage

In its inaugural edition in 2022, the festival surpassed expectations, filling every event to capacity. The 2nd edition promises 12 concerts, including three free performances, aligning with the foundation's goal of introducing the Spanish guitar to new audiences.

Gratitude and Acknowledgments

Special thanks to the unwavering support from the Málaga City Council, led by Mayor Francisco de la Torre and Culture Delegate Mariana Pineda. The festival's success is further propelled by sponsors and collaborators, notably the Fundación Unicaja, Guitar Salon International, and the Fundación Alhambra Guitarras.


The Pepe Romero Guitar Festival - Málaga is not merely an event; it's a homage to four extraordinary individuals who have carried Málaga's musical legacy worldwide for over 70 years. As the festival unfolds, Málaga stands proudly as the focal point of international music and guitar enthusiasts. Join us in celebrating the timeless legacy of Maestro Pepe Romero and the Romero family.

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