The Meaning of "Pura Vida" in Costa Rica  | Villa Estrella-Costa Rica (2024)

The Meaning of "Pura Vida" in Costa Rica | Villa Estrella-Costa Rica (1)In Costa Rica, ¡Pura Vida! is a phrase used by Ticos (Costa Ricans) on a daily basis. It means “pure life,” or “simple life,” and not only is it a slogan, it’s a lifestyle.

“Pura Vida” (pronounced poo-rah vee-duh) represents Costa Ricans’ relaxed attitude towards life, no matter the circ*mstance. It’s used to say hello, goodbye, to say everything is okay, and to brush off any negativity. It’s a way of life and an attitude, and using it can help you fit in with the locals.

Here are some examples of how to use the saying:

  • If someone says hello or goodbye, you can say Pura Vida back.
  • If someone asks how you are, you can say Pura Vida, meaning you’re doing well.
  • If someone asks you about a restaurant in town, you can say Pura Vida, meaning it’s great.
  • If something bad has happened, like a missed flight or an illness, you can say Pura Vida, meaning all is good.
  • If someone asks how things are going on a project or at the office, you can say Pura Vida, meaning yes, things are great.

Because of this laidback attitude and stress-free mantra, it’s no surprise that Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world, according to the Happy Planet Index. Costa Ricans also have one of the longest life expectancies in the world, stemming from their Pura Vida lifestyle and worry-free outlook on things unlike many other countries.

Travelers to Costa Rica always notice how happy the Ticos are, and visitors often say the country’s best feature is not its beauty, but its people. It’s even true at the villa, where most of our guests say what they’ll miss most is the friendly staff.

Another important aspect of Pura Vida is learning to instill it in your daily life, even after leaving Costa Rica. Adapting a Pura Vida lifestyle can help alleviate stress and worries, and will help you live a happier, more carefree life outside the country.

It’s essential to go to Costa Rica to experience Pura Vida, but once you have, you’ll understand its true meaning and be able to better understand the country, its people, and its wonderful lifestyle.

If you’re interested in experiencing Pura Vida for yourself, contact us about a stay at the villa, where everyone knows the saying and can help you experience it firsthand.

¡Pura Vida!

The Meaning of "Pura Vida" in Costa Rica  | Villa Estrella-Costa Rica (2024)
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