Early Childhood & Employment Opportunities (2024)

When your mission is to give children the very best start in life, it's easy to get up in the morning. We team up with passionate teachers and staff members across the country to positively impact the lives of children and families through a focus on quality education, a dedication to health and safety, and a knack for fun! Read on to learn more about opportunities to join our team, the comprehensive benefits we offer, and our incredible company culture.

Early Childhood & Employment Opportunities (1)

Early Childhood & Employment Opportunities (2)

"For me, the best parts of working at KinderCare are the people and culture. Previously, I was in the non-profit world; KinderCare’s mission really resonates with me and shares the same commitment to improving the lives of people and building a better future. Also, employees have the opportunity to grow in their roles, which shows that the company believes in its people and supports employee development.”

— Imari, Change Manager (Corporate)

Our teachers bring warmth, patience, and understanding to the classroom every day, encouraging children to learn and grow. They inspire children to be lifelong learners using our nationally recognized curriculum that promotes social, physical, verbal, and cognitive development.

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So, what does it take to be a great KinderCare teacher?

  • A desire to make every moment a teachable one
  • A commitment to nurturing, inspiring, and delighting the children in your care
  • A passion for creating lifelong learners and building confidence for life
  • An ability to build great relationships with families and treat them as partners in their children's education

Does this sound like you? If so, we want your creativity and passion in our classrooms! Paired with our nationally recognized curriculum, you’ll feel supported and inspired in your work and life.

Teacher & Staff Opportunities

"KinderCare puts so much care and detail into everything. They want the best for the children and families they serve, so there was no way I could NOT work here! Throughout my time with KinderCare, I’ve been to every center in the state. I’ve seen how staff members are supported in so many different ways. You always feel like you have someone there—you never feel alone.”

— Cydney, KinderCare Teacher

At KinderCare, you’ll find that employees are treated with transparency, dignity, and respect. Whether you’re caring for and educating the children we serve or supporting families from afar, you’ll have the tools and resources to make positive change within your community.

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Early Childhood & Employment Opportunities (6)

"I feel very fortunate to work for an organization that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Over the last two years, in partnership with the Advisory Caucus and the Strategy Team, employees from within KinderCare shared their experiences and perspectives that helped shape the strategic priorities for our DEI journey. It’s a people-centric approach to a people-centered journey. As an Asian American who has immigrant parents, this work is completely personal. We all want to belong and feel valued, and that’s what KinderCare’s approach to DEI is all about.”

— Jane, Director of Champions Summer Programming (Corporate)

Join a People-First Organization

Your well-being is a top priority. The more appreciated, taken care of, and valued you feel, the richer our classroom environments are.

We’re never satisfied with “good enough.” From employee surveys to face-to-face conversations, we consistently seek input from YOU on how we can do better.

Your benefits meet you where you are. We’re here to help you navigate the integration of work and life:

  • Know your whole family is supported with discounted child care benefits.
  • Breathe easy with medical, dental, and vision benefits for your family (and pets, too!).
  • Feel supported in your mental health and personal growth with employee assistance programs.
  • Feel great and thrive with access to health and wellness programs and discounts for work necessities, such as cell phones.
  • … and much more.

We invest in you. From trainings to tuition reimbursem*nt, you’ll have the ongoing opportunity to grow and feel supported in your career and life.

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"I love that there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. My director is providing me with the resources and certifications I need to excel and grow in my career.”

— Megan, KinderCare Assistant Teacher

We’re proud to have been a Gallup Great Workplace Award winner for eight consecutive years, which we accomplished by generating best practices, demonstrating exceptional engagements, and achieving outstanding business results.

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As KinderCare Learning Companies, we’re America’s largest provider of early education and child care by capacity, serving hardworking families where they need us—in neighborhoods, at work, and in schools nationwide. We're dedicated to building confidence for life by providing high-quality early childhood education for children of all backgrounds and means. We use our expertise in early childhood education to create lifelong learners, enrich teacher development, and raise the standard for quality child care—and we're always looking for people who believe in our mission.

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Early Childhood & Employment Opportunities (2024)
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