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Childcare Tuition Support | KinderCare (1)

Child care tax credits, military support, employer benefits, and more!

Childcare Tuition Support | KinderCare (2)Child care is one of the biggest priorities—and expenses—for hardworking families like yours. You want to feel confident in the choice you make about your child’s future. At KinderCare, our programs offer the greatest value for your investment—from validated classroom quality and measurable and proven learning outcomes to nutritious meals and proven health and safety practices. We offer the best to you and your family.

You might’ve heard of current tax and government programs, employer benefits, or programs for military and federal families that can help you offset the cost of care. We’ve made it easy to learn about them all. Take a look and see what you might be eligible for, because all families deserve access to great care for their kids.

Child Care Tax Credit

A tax credit is even more valuable to families than a tax deduction! It’s a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the taxes you owe. Here is a useful breakdown of what these credits look like for 2024.

Under current federal law, eligible families can claim child care tax credits for up to the following maximum amounts:

  • $2,100 from the federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit for two or more dependents or $1,050 for one dependent.
  • $6,935 from the federal Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • $2,000 per child for children up to 16 years of age from the federal Child Tax Credit.

For all three of these federal tax credits, there are rules and limitations, so please speak to your tax advisor about how these benefits apply to your family. Additionally, your tax advisor can help make sure you have received all available 2023 benefits when you file your tax return, which is due by April 15, 2024.

State Tax Benefits

Your state might offer its own tax credits to offset the cost of child care. See what benefits might be available to you in your state!

Child Care Subsidy Programs

If your family needs help with tuition, we partner with state and local agencies to provide tuition subsidies where we can. Since all state laws are different, the way we do this varies by state, county, and/or community. Click here to find your local center page, which may have subsidy agencies listed, or visit Child Care Aware's map to explore additional resources that could provide you with financial assistance in your state.

We also have subsidy coordinators standing by who can work with your center director to discuss potential tuition solutions for your family. Give them a call at 1-888-525-2780.

Child Care for Military Families

As one way to thank you for your service, we’re proud to support U.S. Military, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. National Park Services, and U.S. General Services Administration families with child care assistance.

We've partnered with Child Care Aware® of America to offer you fee assistance if you’re an eligible active-duty military family, and a solution to address your child care needs if on-base child care isn't available.

Benefits Through Your Employer

More and more employers these days are adding child care benefits to their employee compensation packages, because without reliable child care, it’s hard to do your job! KinderCare partners with all kinds of employers to offer on-site care, tuition discounts, back-up care days, and priority access to our programs.

Talk with your employer or your HR department about whether or not they offer child care benefits through KinderCare (or that can be applied at KinderCare), and how to use them.

If your workplace doesn’t already offer child care benefits, or if you’re an employer looking to offer benefits to your workforce, let’s talk!

Even More Perks

If you’re a family that works for us, joins us for the first time, or raves about us to friends and family, we’ve got perks for you!

Refer-a-Friend Reward
Send a friend to one of our centers, and when they enroll full-time, you could be eligible for a tuition credit! Your center director has all the details so pop in or reach out for more information.

Sibling Discounts
When families stick with us for more than one child’s care and education, that loyalty goes both ways! If you enroll more than one child with us, we’ll offer you a tuition credit. Talk with your center director about your sibling situation!

KinderCare Employee Discounts
As a KinderCare Learning Companies employee, you may be eligible for other discounts or tuition credits. Talk with your HR manager about what’s currently available to you.

If you don’t see answers to your questions about making child care costs easier, contact Family Support at 1-888-525-2780. Our team is always here for you!

Childcare Tuition Support | KinderCare (2024)
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